I’m proud to share with you some of the things that people have said about me, including students I taught at the Nova Scotia Community College.

“Minga, Thanks so much for the wonderful tour and your thoughtfulness along the way.  We will take home many good memories of our trip. I hope our paths cross again some day!” –Paula and Paul Knox

“Minga is a very skilled guide who knows all about plants, birds, geography and forestry. She is very enthusiastic about everything she sees and she manages to spread that spirit! We had a great walk with her and we can recommend her as a guide for your trips!” — guests from the Netherlands

“Many thanks for leading the trip to Lamb’s Lake. It was a wonderful day. Everyone who participated was just bubbling over with enthusiasm.” –Jon Percy, Annapolis Field Naturalists

“Dear Minga, Many thanks for the thoughtfulness you have shown our group, and us as individuals throughout this trip. I carry home wonderful memories of my Nova Scotia adventure.” –Gretchen Carter

“Thank you Minga on a great hike today, flawless leadership and direction…Thanks again Minga for all you do. It’s greatly appreciated.”  –Vince Forestall, Coordinator, Naturally Active Victoria County

“After having a new understanding and a new passion for the forest, I appreciate the places I’ve been and the places I go right down to the last decomposer.”

“It was great learning about all the different tree species, how to distinguish them, and which ones are shade tolerant.”

“I feel like I cannot go anywhere now without stopping to look at random trees and plants, or to stop and stare at every bird that I see in the sky..”

“I learned so much this year that it makes a Sunday drive way more exciting…”

“I loved learning how to identify Nova Scotia’s native tree species, herbaceous plants, ferns and flowers.”


“My love for and curiosity about the natural world has only grown. The guided tours through woodlots that were being restored were an excellent way to teach, as nothing can replace seeing examples firsthand.”

“…We were given the opportunity to see so many beautiful places in this province I had never seen before was amazing. These are memories that will last a lifetime. I also enjoyed the wildlife aspect of this course as this is a special interest to me.”

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 “This program is a huge eye opener for me,  I have learned so much from collecting  data, all processes of forest inventory,  identifying trees, wildlife by scat, calls and  tracks, environmental issues around the  globe. Dissecting animals, working in the  forest and streams, it has all been  amazing.”