Bald eagle nest along the Bras d’Or Lakes

DSC_1627  On a recent kayak paddle along the Bras d’Or Lakes, we        passed the red cliffs of Red Head (below the Bell estate) and  headed towards Big Harbour. On the way, we lifted our  kayaks into a barachois to explore. Came across a bald  eagle nest, and one of the parents flew off as we skirted the  shores. The concentration of bald eagles breeding in Cape  Breton is now the largest in eastern North America. In the  first 2/3 of the 20th century, bald eagle populations were  nearly wiped out by hunting and DDT use in forestry and  agriculture.

In the sam20150710_165529e barachois, we came across this mountain of eroded      sediments where a landowner had engaged in perhaps the most  destructive road-building I have ever seen in Cape Breton.